PETER: Hi Jane…
JANE: hello babe
PETER: hey how are you?
JANE: I’m fine and you?

PETER: I’m not fine.
JANE: what’s wrong
PETER: I heard something about you
JANE: what’s that?

PETER: I heard that you are cheating me
JANE: ohh no who told you that?
PETER: it’s doesn’t matter
JANE: OK babe forgive me that will never happen again

PETER: I will forgive you if you can promise me one thing
JANE: I will do anything you want babe
PETER: I want you to stop going to clubs at night

JANE: OK babe I will never go to clubs again
PETER: OK I forgive you
JANE: I love you more than anything my dear.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

DON’T STOP READING: I know if it’s about God you will skip it.

God: today I’m just missing my children
Satan: which children?
God: all my Children especially the one who is reading this post.
Satan: haha they will never miss someone like you

God: you failed, they miss me too
Satan: they don’t even love you
God: then you don’t know my Children.
Satan: rather it’s me they love
God: ok let’s see who is more important between you and i…

Satan: alright let’s see, mine, they will scroll down without doing anything
God: mine they will LIKE and type AMEN and SHARE.
– Let’s give Satan heart attack ? and disappoint him?⚡

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