Six Baby Ginger Kittens Learn How To Walk For The First Time

Newborn kittens are clumsy and weak, but they are somewhat capable of getting around on their own. However, in their earliest days, they don’t walk right away, and their mom will nudge them around. And after a few weeks, they’ll be strong enough to walk around.

We love kittens and can’t stop watching, sharing and looking for their cute videos. If you need a heart-warming moment to brighten your day, look no further! Just take a look at these cute 20-day-old ginger kittens learn the pleasure of walking and discovering the world around them for the first time in their life.

These six little kittens learning to walk for the first time is so cute, but it seems they may think it would be more fun to walk everywhere. They may be small in size but they’re cute enough to brighten your whole week! So check out these cute kittens talking their first steps in this cute.

Walking for the first time may be scary, but mom is always a good motivator. Don’t freak out over roadblocks – even if they are much bigger than you. A few falls are totally normal when learning something new. Don’t worry – with a little hard work and determination, you’ll be scuttling around by yourself in no time!

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