20 Ridiculous Dogs Who Are Convinced They’ve Found The Perfect Hiding Place

Anyone who owns a dog will say that dogs are better than cats in nearly every way, but when it comes to playing hide-and-seek, they fall far behind the curve. When dogs need a place to hide, they think all they have to do is close their eyes and no one can see them.

Our ridiculous dogs are convinced they have found the perfect hiding place. They look so funny and silly. However, there are some cute canines who show a remarkable degree of inventiveness when blending into their surroundings. Finally, they found cosy and perfect places to hide from us.

Nothing is better than watching dogs act goofy and try to hide, when it’s clear that they are not good at it. For this reason, we have collected some of the best photographs where our canine friends have done their best to stay out of sight. Scroll down to check out the 20 cuties in the list below!

1/ This doggy seems to have forgotten that he’s no longer that little puppy who used to hide away so easily.

2/ You’re always safe behind the curtain…

3/ I am the absolute master of hide and seek!

4/ Pretending to be a sweater — a classic disguise!

5/ Nice try…

6/ Everything’s under control. I can get out whenever I want…

7/ If the cat can fit, I can as well!

8/ Well, I’m in for a long wait while they search for me — might as well wait where there’s a food supply!

9/ I told you I could fit!

10/ It’s always a good idea to finish that sausage which you stole in your secret hiding place.

11/ It almost worked…

12/ If they find you, just pretend you weren’t actually hiding.

13/ Just don’t breathe.

14/ You think they saw us?

15/ A high-risk strategy: merge with the scenery.

16/ Use household objects as best you can.

17/ This is his favourite place!

18/ If I can’t see them, they can’t see me…

19/ Just keep smiling, and they’ll definitely never find you!

20/ Just don’t breathe.

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