Puppy Sees People Sliding Down Into The Water And Decides To Do It Too

Meet Bento, the cute and curious Golden Retriever puppy who loves to learn and explore the amazing world around him. For this reason, his owners often take him with them when they travel.

Recently, the owners wanted to enjoy a happy day at the beach, so they took Bento to a beach in Brazil. As the pup was strolling down the beach with his owners, he encountered a source of amusement he’d never seen before. He saw people using the beach’s thrilling waterslide ride.

Bento immediately stopped in his tracks to watch the adventurous beach-goers riding the slide and decided to try it, too. He didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so he quickly jumped in too!

Watch Bento’s thrilling waterslide adventure in the video below!

As you can see in the video, he loved the slide so much, he had to do it twice. “Anyone has any doubts about who had the most fun on vacation?” Bento’s owner wrote online. “He liked it so much, he couldn’t hold back!”

We think that Bento had the most fun on the beach that day. We wish him a life filled with many fun and memorable adventures!

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