Orphaned Baby Koala Clings To Teddy Bear After Losing Its Mom

For an orphaned animal life in the wild is more than complicated. Chances of survival are extremely low and only a miracle could turn the things around. Fortunately, this little koala beat the odds as her help came just in time.

Lucy was found in the middle of a driveway in Queensland, Australia. She was dehydrated due to the extreme heat as there was no shade to hide her tiny body from the sunlights. The people who found her feared for her life so they quickly took her to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Thanks to the devoted staff here, her life was about to change forever.

The moment she got there, the tiny koala has stolen everyone’s heart as she found comfort in a teddy bear. She clung on that bear and did’t let it go. It didn’t took too long until Lucy won not only the hospital’s staff hearts but millions on social media. “Meet Lucy, the gorgeous koala joey that is melting hearts at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital,” the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors wrote in a Facebook post.

Despite suffering from a case of pinkeye too, the orphaned koala proved she’s strong enough to make it through and she soon made a full recovery.

Lucy the Orphaned Koala Joey at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hos…

Happy Australia Day! And to all the Aussies living abroad Lucy the koala joey says G’day from home!

Posted by Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors on Monday, January 25, 2016

It is unknown how the cute little koala ended up on the driveway, but according to the Australian Koala Foundation, their number has dramatically decreased lately due to deforestation, disease and climate change. Witt less than 80,000 individuals left in the wild the Australia’s iconic mammal has been declared “functionally” extinct. That means the koala populations have declined so far that the species no longer plays a significant role in its ecosystem.

Help Us Help the Koala

Look at these gorgeous guys! It's so important we protect these animals from extinction. The Australian Koala Foundation works tirelessly to ensure we save the Koala, currently we are pushing for a Koala Protection Act to be put in place. Donate as little as $2 to make a big difference to the Koala's future today: https://www.savethekoala.com/donate

Posted by Australian Koala Foundation on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

h/t: thedodo| Facebook

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