Quokkas Are The ‘Happiest Animal In The World’ And These Photos Prove It

Quokkas are a small herbivorous marsupial of southwestern Australia. They look quite similar to miniature kangaroos and for a good reason – they’re related. The quokka is a herbivorous, nocturnal animal (though you’d never be able to tell from the amount of activity they seem to get up to during the day!)

Clive Wynne, a behavioral scientist from the University of Western Australia, said that quokkas don’t “have any magical cognitive abilities but they’re not stupid.”

This is how the selfie craze started. These pictures are unlike any other as their beautiful and bright smiles alone make for an amazing picture. So for now, here’s a few pictures to brighten up your day and get you by until you can meet one for yourself.

Hello there!

Image via buzzfed.com

… but not in front of the camera

Image via imgur.com

Quokka shy

Image via blogspot.com

Quokka happy in its sleep

Image via netdna-cdn.com

This quokka looks fully content chowing down on his favourite snack – leaves!

Image via pinterest

It’s friendly

Image via seabreeze.com.au

Quokka asking for food

Image via pinterest

Quokka showing off her baby

Image via pinterest

Quokka being social

Image via earth porm

Quokka crashing a wedding

Image via easy weddings

Quokka smiling

Image via imgrum

It can go on its tippy toes!

Image via tumblr.com

This baby quokka thought it would pop out to say hello to the visitors. So cute!

Image via thinglink

Quokka on the beach

Image via pinterest

Quokka jumping

Image via news.com.au

Quokka happy

Image via yandex.ru

Quokka always happy

Image via we heart it

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