Dog Refuses To Take His Owners’ Wedding Day Seriously, Stole The Whole Event

Planning a wedding has remained a challenge for all newlyweds. Trying to put one or two things together and making all perfect, the venue, food, and even photographs can really be tasking. But things rarely go according to plan, and it’s how one rolls with the punches that makes or breaks the special day.

Here’s however a recent scenario: Charlie Hart and Rebecca Simpson had exchanged their vows at the beautiful Brown Mountain Beach Resort. They were both taking photos to immortalize their union seemed like a walk in the park, after all, it’s just a couple of beautiful snaps by the water. Well, that’s when their adorable pooch Bernie decided to change their perfect plans.

While his owners were posed for a stunning wedding shot, their goofy dog Bernie had completely different plans

Just when the couple was planning to pose for shots with nature, they summoned their pet to join them in taking a family picture. The camera in photographer Jillian Knight’s hands was on, the beautiful bouquet by Lindsey Horne in Rebecca’s hands, the newlyweds were posing aaaand the adorable pooch ran right past them and into the water.

Instead of freaking out, Jilian motivated the pair to just go with the flow by permitting Bernie to do his thing while she captured the owner’s reaction. At some point, they asked the doggie to sit, so they could snap a couple of photos that weren’t so hectic, but Bernie being a stubborn little fella, didn’t want to listen and just continued to do what he wanted. Fun all the way!

While Bernie was quite tough to handle, he once in a while during the photoshoot runs up to see if his owners’ were having a pretty good time. What a thoughtful move from such a mischievous animal, isn’t it?

He loves both his fun and family! Apparently, all 120 wedding guests were observing the incident from afar and they all shared a giggle when they saw Bernie dash right into the water.

Being loved immediately by all the guests, the pair shared the experience along with the photoshoots on a Facebook Page called ‘Dogspotting Society’ on Thursday, September 12th. It quickly garnered 13K likes and over 700 comments as people expressed their adoration for the doggie.

Image credits: Jillian Knight

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