Adorable Cat Loves Giving His Pig Friends Massages And Cuddles

Have you ever seen a cat giving massages to humans or animals? We have seen cats knead on just about anything soft, including people and animals. This is a generic behavior for cats, and they do it because it’s a pleasant motion for them. However, it looks like they are giving themselves a massage than massaging the thing that they’re kneading on.

We at Paws Planet love seeing and sharing video of cats and animals, so in this post, we would like to share a video cute of a cat and his pig friends with you. Meet Ernest! The cute cat who loves to play and massage his pigs friends, but he also loves all the other animals at the farm as well.

Ernest the cat often hangs out with his pig friends, sits on them to comfort and help them calm down. All pigs are very friendly, so they let Ernest join the group and be part of the fun. The cat thinks it’s a warm and relaxing place, so he starts rubbing up and grooming the pigs. It’s so cute!

Take a look at this video below:

Why is the cat kneading the pigs? Because it feels good. He probably doesn’t know much about what his pig friends are feeling, and if he does, probably doesn’t care.

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