Adorable Cat Loves Doing “Trust Falls” Into Her Dad’s Arms And It’s The Sweetest

Have you ever seen a cat doing trust falls? We’ve seen dogs do trust falls, and now even cats are doing it.

Cats instinctively do not trust humans, and will never trust humans like dogs. Even though we feed them, shelter them, play with them, and attempt to pet them, they are still aloof, independent, not affectionate and certainly untrainable. For this reason, when a cat does trust you, this is truly a momentous occasion in cat-owning history.

Meet the incredible cat Didga, who loves to do trust falls with her human. In a video posted on Didga’s YouTube page Catmantoo, you can see Didga the cat continually falling back into the arms of her owner. With gentle encouragement from her dad, she willingly performs “trust falls” for him. It’s so unbelievable because this behavior goes completely against a cat’s nature.

“A hundred percent against their instinct, Didga (cat) overcomes the urge to spin to point her feet in the direction falling, (cats always land on their feet remember) she “trusts” me to catch her as she falls straight back into my hands,” Didga’s owner said.

And if you are having a bad day, here’s something that will cheer you up immediately. Watch and enjoy as Didga the cat falls backwards into the arms of her dad who she loves most.

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