Press Release: Cat found frozen and stuck in shipping container recovering at ARL

In Dedham, Massachusetts, a stray cat that was found frozen to a shipping container in Dedham is now recovering at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The cat, named Schooner, was found early last Wednesday, stuck to a container outside TGI Friday’s along Providence Highway. Miraculously the cat, now named Schooner, not only survived, but is well on his way to finding a new home.

According to the press release from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, “It’s likely that Schooner’s fur was wet and with bitter cold and real-feel temperatures well below freezing, once the cat came in contact with the container he was immediately stuck. It’s unknown how long the cat was frozen to the container,”

Amazingly, Schooner did not have hypothermia but was very thin, , dehydrated and showing the typical bumps and bruises of living outdoors which included a fractured tooth.

Since coming to ARL, his tooth is fixed, has eaten ravenously and has already gained a pound and he has also become a staff favorite for his easy-going and friendly demeanor. He will be ready for adoption.

Your support is critical to ensure that ARL is ready to respond when animals are in need of help, please consider donating to ARL this holiday season, so together we can help animals like Schooner and thousands like him!

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